10 Fun Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Next Corporate Event

Blog, January 21, 2022

When it comes to throwing a corporate event, it’s all about keeping your guests engaged, especially now as we’re getting back into the swing of in-person gatherings.

Many important business connections are formed during these occasions, so it’s important to create a stimulating environment that will promote positive interactions and fruitful networking opportunities. Here are 10 fun ideas to incorporate into your next corporate event.

1. Pick an Unusual Venue 

Think outside the box when it comes to your venue. Pick a unique venue that your guests will likely remember, like a rooftop bar, a museum, or historical space in your area. You can set up exclusive tours to make the experience more memorable for your guests. An added perk with this option is that these venues will already have unique decor features, which means you’ll spend less time worrying about decorating and more time focusing on enjoying yourself and your guests.

2. Include Ice Breakers 

Ice breakers are not just for summer camps. These games can be fun even for colleagues who work closely together. They can help set a more informal tone and put people in a more casual, laid-back mindset. They also allow guests to open up and develop better relationships with their co-workers and teams. An easy, tried-and-true ice breaker idea is Two Truths and a Lie.

3. Create a Networking Lounge

Since many of your guests will likely be at the event to network, you can set aside a special lounge area to help encourage them to do just that. It’s an option that breaks down the awkwardness of having to figure out how to approach networking with someone by giving a safe, easy space to do so. It’s easy to include, too. Simply rent a few comfortable seating arrangements and set up a designated bar.

4. Provide Swag 

Everyone loves receiving some swag at an event. It also helps foster and encourage company pride and camaraderie. The options here are endless. You can order clothing, water bottles, sunglasses or other items branded with your company logo as giveaway items, goody bag items, or early-bird incentives.

5. Rent Table Chargers

These days, we rely heavily on our phones to make connections–as well as so many other tasks. Since corporate events are usually hosted after work hours, by then, the average guest’s smartphone might run low on battery life. Including chargers at each table or below the bar can help encourage networking at your event. It gives people the battery life on their phones that they need to network, and it brings multiple people into one space–much like the networking lounge idea.

6. Involve Local Charities 

Even if the event is not a fundraising party or charity event, you can and should still involve local charities in your event. Simply set up a few booths, and encourage guests to learn more about what they do. This sends a message to your guests that your business cares about what’s going on in the local community. It builds trust and credibility that will make people want to be a part of what you’re doing.

7. Offer Corporate Subscriptions as Prizes

When doing fun things like raffle or competition prizes, try to offer something the employees will really use, such as corporate subscriptions or digital product licenses for tools that would help in the office environment. Try to think of premium productivity tools that are not automatically covered by the company (but that could really boost productivity).

8. Include a GIF Maker

Stay relevant by incorporating a GIF maker into your event. It’s a modern twist on a classic photo booth that is sure to keep your guests entertained through the evening. There’s also the added bonus of having corporate guests share the GIFs on social media to help promote the event and the company.

9. Include Drink Stations 

Having a drinks station with bottles that have the company logo is a great way to show off the company. Set up stations around the event to help encourage people to stay hydrated and promote the brand.

10. Hire a Fun Facilitator

An event facilitator can make or break a corporate party. Activities like ice breakers or team building can crash and burn without the right guidance—so make sure to choose an MC that is enthusiastic, engaging, and knowledgeable about the company’s mission for the event! 

Incorporating these ideas into your next corporate event is sure to make it a memorable one.  Choose one, some, or all of them to ensure your guests enjoy themselves and enjoy what your business has to offer.

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