10 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Blog, January 14, 2022

A summer wedding can make your nuptials magical and whimsical; however, the uncomfortable heat, the bright sun and pesky insects can present real obstacles for summer wedding planning.

While hosting a wedding at Flora affords you the option of a beautifully lit indoor space, summer weather is still a challenge you may have to face. There are a number of ways to keep guests cool at a summer wedding that are creative, stylish and affordable. By incorporating certain decorations, favors, and catering options, you can ensure that you and your guests beat the heat on your big day. Here are our 10 favorite ways to keep guests cool at a warm-weather wedding:

Evening Ceremony

A simple way to avoid the summer heat for your big day is to host an evening ceremony. Starting your ceremony around sundown will allow you to skip the sweltering midday heat and keep your guests cool. Evening ceremonies also give you the opportunity to say your vows against a romantic sunset backdrop which is also a great time to capture gorgeous and memorable photos of the ceremony. Just make sure to take your wedding party pictures prior to the ceremony to take full advantage of golden hour lighting.

Cool Down Refreshments

There’s nothing better than an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day. Whether it be lemonade, infused water, or adult beverages, offering cold drinks at your event will keep your guests comfortable throughout your big day. Check out these 15 refreshing signature cocktails that will help your guests beat the heat at your summer wedding.

Frozen Treats

Consider catering gelato, ice cream, or snow cones on the day of your wedding to provide your guests with a yummy, sweet treat while also keeping them cool. Many local businesses offer dessert cart rentals that are both affordable and high-quality. Frozen treat carts add a bit of childhood nostalgia to your big day and can help your event feel even more magical.

Misting Fans

Looking for a chic and easy way to keep guests cool at a summer wedding? Misting fans will be your saving grace during your summer wedding planning efforts. They’re ideal for cooling outdoor venues and partially covered spaces. Because they use so little energy and are discrete in appearance and noise, they are the perfect cooling solution for outdoor weddings. Renting misting fans is an affordable way to ensure your guests are nice and cool on your big day.

Welcome Kit

One of our favorite tips for staying cool at a summer wedding is to provide your guests with a welcome kit designed to help them combat the heat on the day of your ceremony. You can get really creative with these kits and include memorable favors for your guests that will also be useful for the wedding day and beyond. Items you may want to place in your kit include sunglasses, wooden fans, bottled water, sunscreen, flip flops, and koozies. Personalize these items with monograms or names to make the kits even more meaningful.

Program Fans

A creative and eco-friendly way to keep your guests cool is to place program fans on each guest’s seat. Create two-sided paper fans that include the ceremony information, wedding party names, and an itinerary. Wedding programs usually get discarded after the ceremony, so turning them into fans will make them more functional for your guests.


Place bins of paper parasols throughout your wedding venue to offer guests convenient protection from the hot summer rays. You can customize these parasols to fit with your color scheme to keep everything cohesive. Parasols made from recyclable materials are an affordable and eco-friendly way to beat the heat.

Citronella Candles

Along with the heat, summer weddings often present the obstacle of dealing with insects. Investing in a wholesale supply of citronella candles is a stylish and effective method for keeping bugs at bay during your summer nuptials. You can DIY these candles with jars and ribbon to fit with your theme to give your bug-be-gones a touch of personalization.

Hydration Station

The last thing you want on your big day is one of your guests suffering from dehydration or heat stroke. Providing accessible hydration stations throughout your venue before, during, and after the ceremony will ensure that everyone stays hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.

Create Your Own Shade

You can create shade throughout your venue with decorative pieces that are also functional. Place umbrellas or canopies over the reception and ceremony areas to provide ample shade for your guests. Keeping the sun off of your guests will keep them cool and comfortable while they’re eating and dancing the night away.

Bonus: Pashminas

While your focus during the day is keeping your guests cool, once the sun goes down, the weather will cool off and your guests may start missing the warmth of the summer sun. Offer baskets of pashminas that your guests can grab if they get a little chilly.

Start Your Summer Wedding Planning Today

Selecting an appropriate venue is one of the most significant steps in the wedding-planning process and can help you avoid a lot of these weather-related problems. Use a checklist for your wedding venue to determine the perfect location that will keep guests cool during the hot summer months. 

Here at Flora, we would love to help bring your vision to life, and our team will work with you to ensure your guests are cool and comfortable at your summer nuptials. Contact us today to get started on your summer wedding planning.

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