5 Fall-Inspired Themes for Your Next Corporate Event

Blog, October 28, 2022

The season of pumpkin spice, haunted hayrides and spooky movie nights is upon us! Fall, with all its cozy, feel-good glory, presents the perfect opportunity for coming together with your team over good food, drinks and conversation – even better if you can tie your event together with an autumn-inspired theme

Want to host a seasonal event but can’t pin down a theme? Don’t fret. We’ve got ideas by the boatload – not to mention, an ideal (and versatile) backdrop to make them all come to life. From a schnitzel- and beer-infused bash to a costumed dance party, here are the best fall-inspired themes for the pumpkin people and horror-film lovers at your company.


1. Wreath-Making Workshop

One of the best ways to bring a team together? Organizing an activity that allows them to learn something new – all while having fun, of course. Invite a professional florist to lead an autumnal wreath-making class, and guide your team through the art of fashioning a festive decoration out of flowers and herbs. Not only does Flora have a list of recommended professionals for the job, our venue is set up with a top-notch sound system, lapel microphones and screens so everyone can follow along. Plus, our wooden farm tables and chairs present an ideal, on-theme workspace. Don’t forget: As your team gets to work, you’ll want to offer them some fall-inspired libations and nibbles to keep energy levels up.

2. Costume Party

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays – and for good reason. It gives everyone a proper excuse to get all gussied up and transform into their favorite characters. So, why not share the tradition with your coworkers and employees? Flora’s movable and expandable bar can provide cocktails for your ghoulishly dressed guests, and spook-tastic appetizers (zombie brain cupcakes, anyone?) can be served throughout the event. Of course, where there’s a costume party, there’s a dance party. Flora has no interior columns, which gives everyone plenty of room for grooving to the music. Plus, the venue also boasts in-house RGB lighting and a stellar sound system to boot.

3. Scary Movie Night

If there’s ever a time of year to hunker down with popcorn and a scary film, it’s fall; the season is practically synonymous with the genre! Make your gathering the envy of all horror-movie enthusiasts by hosting your event at Flora, which can turn into a veritable movie theater themed to fall perfection. (The venue comes with its own projector and screen for some major movie magic.) Bean bags or outdoor lounges can be rented for your guests, and catering services can whip up picnic baskets or a box of quintessential movie snacks. Popcorn is a must, and so are some adult beverages – a little bit of liquid courage for the faint of heart.


4. Pumpkin Spice Celebration

Gather up all the pumpkin spice superfans in the office for a celebration that’s centered around the season’s most magical flavor. This is your opportunity to go all in on the pumpkin spice madness. Set the scene by filling the event space with the fragrant notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg; a cinnamon-scented fire log might do the trick. Decor, too, will help build the ambiance. Think: decorative pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, tangerine-colored table runners and dinnerware. Flora, with its botanical aesthetic and airy, light-filled interior, is made for a fall transformation. The space can be decked out with free-standing fall decor and hanging installations from its ceiling truss.

5. Oktoberfest Get-Together

We agree; nothing pairs better with sweater weather than a hot cup of PSL – but autumn ales come in a close second. Your team doesn’t have to travel all the way to Munich to sample delicious craft brews; you can bring them right to their home turf. To throw a proper, hop-tastic Oktoberfest bash, you’ll need to get the basics right: a lineup of German-inspired ales, authentic foods (Brats! Soft pretzels! Sauerkraut!), festive decorations, and fun games. Let Flora be your ultimate (indoor) biergarten, decorated with a Bavarian blue-and-white checkerboard scheme across table linens, centerpieces and signage, and dried hop vines cascading from the venue’s ceiling truss. Our catering services will ensure everyone’s steins and plates are full, and an event-day site manager will keep things flowing as smoothly as the beer.

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