5 Most Photo-Worthy Spots Near Flora

Blog, May 24, 2022

Photos are our digital memories; they make sure that special-but-fleeting moments stay in mind long after they’re gone.

If you’re hosting your event at Flora, chances are, you’re celebrating something meaningful. Whether that’s an engagement party, a milestone birthday bash or a full-fledged wedding, these occasions are the ones you’ll likely want to revisit again and again. With its impossibly beautiful foliage, flattering lighting and a space that feels airy, bright and inviting, Flora itself is a frame-worthy backdrop to any photograph. But for those who want to orchestrate more involved productions, luckily, the venue is only a hop and a skip away from some of the most appealing landscapes in the city. Here, we share five of the most photogenic off-site locations to strike a pose in front of. The best part? They’re all within walking distance of Flora.

The U.S. Grant Hotel

5-minute walk, 0.3 miles away

Considered one of the oldest hotels in San Diego, the U.S. Grant Hotel is one of the most eye-catching historic landmarks in the Gaslamp Quarter. Built back in 1910 by the son of President Ulysses S. Grant, the hotel once housed 12 U.S. presidents and notable guests the likes of Albert Einstein and Charles Lindbergh. Now, it plays host to travelers from all over the world and Comic-Con devotees passing through town. (Fun fact: the first San Diego Comic-Con was held there.) It also doubles as a gorgeous background for photo shoots. The hotel’s imposing facade adds visual flair to anyone seeking to achieve a grandiose, old-world look.

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown San Diego

2-minute walk, 0.1 miles away

Boasting a slice of the city’s history, the Courtyard Marriott is another beautiful photo-worthy location. It was originally built in the 1920s as a bank and still retains a lot of its sumptuous character. Think: an Italian Renaissance-style facade with arched windows and ornate, wrought-iron details. Inside the grand lobby, a soaring, hand-painted vaulted ceiling and marbled walls greet guests, and down in the basement, a period-original 47,000-pound vault door opens to what’s now a meeting room.

Gaslamp Quarter Street Sign

14-minute walk, 0.7 miles away

The arched Gaslamp Quarter street sign is a quintessential photo opportunity and a warm welcome to all out-of-towners (and locals) entering into one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Diego. It’s colorful and quirky – a perfect backdrop for anyone who wants to remember time well spent in the city. The sign makes for a fun addition to any photo shoot during the day, but swing by at night, and you’ll find it illuminated, casting a colorful glow that’ll sure brighten up whatever big moment you are there to celebrate and capture.

Santa Fe Train Depot Downtown San Diego

15-minute walk, 0.7 miles away

The city’s main transportation hub, built in 1887, sits in Downtown San Diego’s Core District – and it’s one of the best examples of Spanish Colonial Revival-style architecture in the area, paying homage to the state’s past. The facade is characterized by its grand arched doorway and its soaring, twin towers capped with golden, zig-zagged tilework. A central fountain anchors the plaza, and if you frame it just right, you’ll be able to capture the gorgeous building bookended by palm trees on either side.

Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge

16-minute walk, 6-minute drive, 0.8 miles away

If you’re shooting for a more modern, city-inspired look, this 550-foot-long pedestrian pathway – one of the longest self-anchored bridges in the world – will serve as an ideal location for your photo shoot. Linking park to bay, this concrete structure feels as though it’s suspended in the air all on its own. A 130-foot-tall inclined pylon juts out like a leaning obelisk, giving the bridge a futuristic, almost otherworldly look. And that’s exactly what makes this sleek, important piece of city architecture also a popular photo spot for tourists and locals alike.

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