5 Ways to Connect with Your Company

Blog, July 14, 2022

Company gatherings are often criticized for being too long, unnecessary, ineffective and – the most common descriptor of all – boring.

It’s hard to get the science of a good corporate event down, but there are a few things that do make for better gatherings, ones that not only help your employees get the job done, but also motivate them beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. This starts with a change of location.

Taking the meeting outside of the office is often a creative solution to beating the humdrum of work life. And venues like Flora are well-equipped to make these gatherings some of the most productive sessions for any team. Here are a few fun ideas to weave into your next team get-together, and how that’ll change the definition of what a corporate meeting or event can be for you and your employees.

1. Games

It’s not enough to just bring your employees all under one roof; you also have to think about ways to connect with them. One way to do this is through interactive experiences – activities that allow them to engage as active participants. Setting up games like corn hole, jumbo Connect 4, and a grown-up version of musical chairs will bring your employees together and help them bond. For this, you’ll need to find a space that can easily accommodate various stations. Flora’s space is dynamic; it can be divided into different sections, allowing for more flexibility and flow. These partitions can be moved and altered on the go as the event transitions from one activity to another.

2. Customizable swag and gift stations

What better way to remind your employees of your fun-filled event than by giving them something to take home with them? Allow your guests to curate their own swag by setting up activity stations around the event space. Custom calligraphy, live screen printing, and live embroidery offer attendees a chance to dream up their own designs that will likely live in their homes for years to come. Alternatively, you can set up a hair braiding, manicure or makeup booth to keep guests occupied and engaged all day long.

3. Dinners and cocktail hours

Food has a unique ability of bringing people together at the table. So, to make the most of your gathering, anchor it with an elaborately planned dinner event. Flora offers tables that’ll accommodate your guests, and its space can be transformed into a gorgeous dinner hall complete with all the trimmings – lighting, dinnerware and decoration. Flora also houses a kitchen, which makes on-site prep and presentation a breeze. If you don’t like the idea of a full-blown dinner, consider involving your guests in the process. Set up an interactive food station; a carving station, skewers-to-go, a popcorn bar, gourmet s’mores and a bagel bar are just a few delicious ideas. We’d be remiss not to also mention the perks of hosting a cocktail hour. Partition your event space to offer guests a place for mingling while sipping on cherry-topped libations.


4. Shows and concerts

Just like food, music has a powerful pull on people, too. Give your guests something to watch or tune into by weaving in an intimate, after-dinner concert into your program. Venues like Flora can easily turn their spaces into a stage, and they’re fully equipped with a top-notch sound system to boot. If you have film enthusiasts in your midst, a movie night can also be a fun way to bring your employees together. No need to worry about the logistics; Flora features a projector that can offer a stellar viewing experience. Other ideas for live events include: motivational speakers, fashion shows and live art performances, to name a few.

5. Workshops

Another memorable gift you can give your employees? A new skill. Workshops are a becoming more and more popular addition to corporate gatherings, and for good reason. They keep attendees busy, engaged and most importantly, thoroughly immersed into the experience. Think beyond work-related experiences. For example, bring in an expert mixologist for a lesson on crafting the perfect tiki-inspired cocktail. Or a yogi to lead a mindfulness meditation practice. Or a chef who can whip up a gourmet meal guests can then recreate at home – keeping the event top-of-mind long after it’s over.

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