6 (Really Good) Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Blog, March 31, 2023

Time is perhaps one of the most precious commodities when it comes to wedding planning. From finding the right photographer to getting catering in order, the process of organizing a grand affair like a wedding can be very labor-intensive. Enter a wedding coordinator – a well-versed industry specialist who handles everything from organizing suppliers and creating schedules with staff to taking care of day-of details.

“The biggest misconception as a wedding coordinator is that it’s a ‘glamorous’ job,” Flora’s wedding specialists say. “Sometimes, couples believe that wedding coordinators are just well-dressed, always-upbeat people who walk around with a clipboard giving orders to other vendors – but we do so much more than that.” Still not convinced? Read on to find out the benefits of leaning on a wedding coordinator instead of venturing out on your own.

1. Creating a Timeline (And Sticking to it)

First, let’s address a major difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner. A wedding planner is involved in the planning process. On the other hand, a wedding coordinator steps in after the planning part is complete. Couples can hand off their wedding plans to their coordinator who’s responsible for making it all come together.
A wedding coordinator will work out a feasible timeline and keep everyone accountable for their tasks — and yes, this even includes you and your significant other! This helps with some of the most overwhelming aspects of wedding-planning: looming to-do lists and deadlines. Instead of worrying about keeping yourself organized, you’ll have more time to enjoy the fun parts of planning. (Cake tastings, anyone?)

2. Communicating with Vendors

One of the biggest responsibilities of a wedding coordinator is recommending trusted vendors and vetting new ones — from caterers and photographers to florists and DJs. But it doesn’t stop there; wedding coordinators also handle all communications with these vendors, ensuring a smooth ride all the way to your big day.

“From experience, coordinators most commonly face communication issues with other vendors,” Flora experts say. “This can be due to their company policies, personality differences, changes that progress during the event that can cause stress.” If you want to avoid these issues entirely, take your wedding coordinator’s advice and hire vetted vendors they trust and respect.

3. Coordinating rehearsals

Want to eliminate any hiccups on your big day (or at the very least, reduce them)? Then a proper run-through of the ceremony is necessary – and a wedding coordinator can help with that. They’ll assist in lining up your wedding party, running through the order of events, and keeping everyone informed and organized. If necessary, they’ll also coordinate setup and clean up.
Not only will wedding coordinators lend a helping hand with your rehearsal ceremony, they’ll also make sure your rehearsal dinner (should you choose to have one) goes off without a hitch. Let your wedding coordinator handle this kick-off to the main event, whilst you sit back and enjoy a stress-free wedding-eve supper.

4. Executing Day-Of Timeline

Most importantly, wedding coordinators are masters at keeping things running smoothly – which is exactly what you need on your big day. They make sure that all the months of planning and preparation pays off and comes to a beautiful end. Throughout your wedding day, they’ll keep everyone in check – from vendors to guests – while making sure everything gets accomplished right on schedule.

“Time management is crucial,” Flora experts say. “Not staying on track could derail the entire day of events. A lot of planning (and money) went into precise scheduling for the couple, so if certain events are missed, it can affect the rest of the day. The reason why time management is important is because these moments of someone’s wedding day cannot be replicated if missed.”

5. Handling Any Hiccups

Dinner banquet mishaps, wardrobe emergencies, forgotten rings, vendors showing up late – mistakes happen. While you’re busy getting ready and busy enjoying yourself (because it’s your wedding, thank you very much), you’ll need someone to take the reins and save the day. No one’s a better fit for the job than a wedding coordinator who’s likely seen and done it all before.

“Once, at a wedding, the wrong furniture rentals were delivered,” Flora’s wedding coordinator says. “I found alternatives in the venue to use. Plus, I called the rental place and was able to get all the correct rentals at the venue before guests arrived.” Wedding coordinators will also review contracts and order details, making sure couples don’t forget things like dessert plates and forks. Got rowdy family members? A wedding coordinator will help keep the peace – and the mic away throughout the evening.

6. Less Overall Stress

There’s no dancing around it: Wedding planning can be stressful. Managing that stress will go a long way in helping you actually enjoy your big day – and remember every little blissful moment. Wedding coordinators play a huge role in eliminating anxiety-causing culprits and swooping in if things do go awry.

“To put simply, it alleviates stress off the couples for the wedding,” Flora experts say. “By hiring a day-of wedding coordinator, it minimizes the responsibilities of delegating tasks to vendors, the wedding party, and invited guests (which can typically add more stress to the couple). I highly recommend having a day-of wedding coordinator so that couples can fully enjoy their day!”

When you’re ready, talk to us about Flora’s day-of coordination. Starting 90 days before the wedding, this service ensures everything on this list is handled seamlessly so you can soak in every moment of your big day.

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