7 Types of Corporate Events to Host at Flora

Blog, December 01, 2022

There’s no better way to encourage bonding within your team members than taking them outside of the office. Allowing your employees to come together in an off-site environment – free from work stressors, to-do lists and looming deadlines – lets them form valuable friendships and strengthen already-existing relationships. And this is always good news for your business. A team that meshes well, works well. 

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules for hosting the perfect corporate event, generally, the more creative it is, the more likely it is to be remembered. An out-of-the-box gathering will keep your employees and coworkers entertained, engaged and happy. Hunting for ideas? Luckily, we’ve got plenty of them to go around – plus, an incredibly versatile space to make your event come to life. From mixology classes to meditation and yoga, here are the different possibilities.


1. Wellness Seminar

Wellness initiatives offer your team a restorative break from the daily grind – while reinforcing the importance of work-life balance. Hosting a wellness-focused event will help your employees de-stress, recharge, and untangle their minds. This could be in the form of an easy-to-follow yoga class; Flora’s open, column-free space is perfect for it. Take it a step further and prep the venue with company-branded yoga mats your team can take home. 

In the back, tables can be set and ready with flavored water or an herbal tea station. Partnering with a local juicery is another way to build connections while offering your team much-needed post-workout hydration. However, yoga isn’t the only health-centric activity on the menu; sound healing, breathwork workshops, meditation sessions and motivational training are all wonderful ways to engage your team.

2. Dance Class

One way to shake off workplace stress? An invigorating dance class! Whether it’s a salsa routine, hip-hop or ballroom dancing, there’s a certain therapeutic element to dancing together in shared space. Plus, dancing also helps foster comfort, cooperation, positivity, trust and synergy. All you need is a professional instructor and lots of space for your team to move around. 

Flora has no interior columns, which opens up the venue for any kind of dance class. It also features a top-notch sound system with an auxiliary port. Instructors can wear a lapel mic, allowing your employees to hear them over the sound of the music and ensuring a smooth experience.

3. Mixology Workshop

Instead of posting up at a bar after work, offer your team a different kind of drinking experience – the kind that lets them shake, stir and get creative with their own boozy concoctions. Mixology classes are a great team-building activity, giving attendees the chance to learn new skills in a fun environment that’s part lecture, part casual social gathering. 

With a lapel mic clipped to their shirts, instructors can lead the class from behind Flora’s mobile bar. A U-shaped table around the bar can double as a workspace for your attendees to practice their home-bar chops. For liquor liability purposes, your team can focus on whipping up the non-alcoholic portion of the cocktail, and a bartender can come around to top it off with their spirit of choice.

4. Wine and Spirits Tasting

If your employees have no ambitions of turning into pro mixologists, host a less hands-on (but still boozy) experience: a wine tasting. This kind of an event is just about socializing as it is about tasting wine – perfect for team members who want to get to know one another while expanding their knowledge of the wine world. Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to the purple elixir; there are plenty of other spirits to be explored. 

Flora works with a lot of local distributors, so we have ample knowledge of the city’s beverage scene. Work with us to bring in local winemakers or craft distillers for a tasting your team will remember. What’s more, Flora’s catering partners can provide hors d’oeuvres for everyone to nosh on as they sip and sample.

5. movie night

Turn your office outing into a movie night (the film buffs on your team will appreciate it!) A large screen or projector and a thrilling sound system are a given, but there are other factors you can add to amp up the atmosphere – plush seating, cozy blankets, drinks and a superior snack game. 

With our coordination services, let us handle those details at Flora. Our space can be decked out in bean bags or comfortable loungers for a prime movie-viewing experience (and some tables and chairs in the back for guests who can’t sit on the ground.) Catering partners can whip up picnic baskets or a thoughtfully curated box of movie snacks, and of course, our bar can handle all cocktail needs throughout the showing.

6. karaoke

Want to see your team members let loose and show their goofy sides? Then a karaoke night is in order. Instead of heading to a local bar and dealing with a long wait list, bring the fun to a private venue – all set and ready just for you and your team. 

At Flora, we have everything to make the evening a note-worthy success: tables, chairs, customizable lighting, sound system and screens to show the lyrics. An assortment of stellar catered noshes and delicious cocktails will have your coworkers breaking out the air guitar in no time.

7. Floral Arrangement Workshop

Last but not least, we’d be remiss not to mention a floral-centric craft workshop for your office group. Not only is it a fun learning opportunity, but it’s also the perfect fit for us. Our venue is the ideal botanical-inspired backdrop for a class that puts greenery front and center. (It’s in our name, after all!) 

Flora also boasts in-house audio and video equipment – an easy way to project presentations, guides, tutorials and other visuals. Our roster of in-house amenities gives us the opportunity to dream up thoughtfully executed events within a short timeframe. Whatever you’re looking for – be it a simple lunch or a themed affair – we can help you put together an event your team won’t soon forget.

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