9 Unique (and Creative!) Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Blog, October 30, 2023

Although it lasts a single blissful day, your wedding is one of the most significant 24 hours of your life. So, it’s not a question of if you’ll want to capture those special moments; it’s a matter of how. Converting them into photographs (whether digital or physical) is a given, but what are some other ways to memorialize the occasion? Enter the humble, tried-and-true guestbook. 

Typically placed in areas with high foot traffic (entryway, bar, etc.), guestbooks are a great way for your friends and family to jot down their thoughts, wishes, and memories. They also give you and your new spouse a thoughtful souvenir to look back on when you’re feeling nostalgic about your big day. Traditional guestbooks are still quite effective, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try one of these offbeat ideas – as shared by Flora’s expert team of wedding extraordinaires.

1. Audio guestbook

Reading kind words, warm-and-fuzzy notes, and expressions of love from family and friends can feel like an instant mood-booster – especially if you’re experiencing a bout of post-wedding blues. But it’s even better when you can hear your loved ones’ words in their own voice. That’s what makes an audio guestbook such a winner. Put a retro spin on this idea by having your guests leave an audio message using an old-fashioned telephone.


Want to actually see your loved ones as they share stories and reasons they appreciate you as a couple? That’s what the video guestbook is for! A step above the audio version, a video guestbook will help you capture your friends’ and family’s faces and give you something to look back on years later. Set up a tablet or a video camera for your guests to record their sweet and thoughtful messages to you.


Who doesn’t love playing around with a retro-cool, almost obsolete gadget from the past? The reward of receiving your photos instantly after pressing the shutter button alone is worth it. However, there’s a lot more to polaroids than instant gratification. Polaroids can be used as a fun way to capture your wedding. Let your guests take photos, and then stick them on a board, inside a book, or in a designated box. Bonus: Ask your guests to write a note on the border.


Got engaged at a winery? Or just really, really love touring those vineyards? Pick up your favorite bottle from your most frequented winery and set it up on a display table near some pens. Ask your guests to sign the bottle with their love notes to you, then save the bottle for a special occasion, like your wedding anniversary!


Want lots of room for your nearest and dearest to share their long-winded messages? Dust off your old surfboard from the back of your garage and bring it out to your guests to use as a “guestbook.” Alternatively, you can step it up a notch by springing for a custom-designed wooden surfboard – complete with details of your big day, including your names, wedding date, and location. Next: Hang it up as an art piece in your new home.


Want a guestbook that can also pull double duty as an entertainment option during your cocktail hour? Enter the Jenga guestbook! Place this game-slash-guestbook somewhere visible, and include some Sharpies and a set of instructions for your guests to follow. Invite them to pick a block from the basket and scribble their notes on the surface. Take the game home, and challenge your partner while reminiscing about your special day.


You can do so much more with a deck of cards than play Solitaire. If you and your spouse love card games – or have some connection to them – you can use them for a less high-stakes purpose, and present them as a “guestbook” your friends and family can write on. Get playful by ordering custom-designed cards with your photos as a couple. (And no one said you can’t dress up in your best king and queen of hearts attire!)


If you want to keep your guests’ love notes short and sweet, here’s an idea for you: present them with a game of Connect 4 – with a twist. Wooden games like this one feature signing message disks and heart-shaped openings to showcase your loved ones’ notes. Display it at your home or store it for when you’re feeling nostalgic – or a little bored.


A variation of the wine bottle concept, this idea gives you something more creative to display (and your guests more room to jot down their feelings). In a glass box, place your favorite bottle of red, white, or bubbly, making sure to leave some room around it. Organize some pieces of paper and pens on your guestbook table, and have your guests write some love notes to lock in until your next big wedding anniversary.

Most importantly, make sure to work with a wedding venue that can accommodate your vision! Located in the heart of San Diego, Flora’s botanical-inspired wedding venue is equipped with flexible partitions and floor plans – plus a team of experts ready to bring your guestbook ideas to life. Get in touch with us today! 

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