3 Fun Things to Do After Your Event at the San Diego Convention Center

So you invited some potential business partners or some out of town guests to an event at the San Diego Convention Center, now you’re left attempting to entertain these VIPs to an afternoon out on the city. Simple as that may seem, it is important that you choose the right place to go. You want to make a good and lasting impression, but you don’t want to break the bank either – an easy thing to do when you’re touring around Downtown San Diego. So, consider one of the following activities, each of these has the potential to impress and be a fun, memorable experience for you and your guests alike. 


Petco Park

Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, is much more than a ballpark. This stadium was designed to give visitors a taste of San Diego as a city. As such, there are a variety of different aspects that make this place just that. 


First, there are countless brewery and restaurant vendors on-site that want you to come to try their food and drinks, each of which giving a taste of what the San Diego culinary scene has to offer. Next, the views of the stadium are unbelievable. When looking North, you get an exceptional view of the surrounding cityscape, and when you look South, you can see the iconic San Diego harbor. An afternoon at Petco Park is a lot of fun for locals and tourists alike.  


Beer Tasting

San Diego is known worldwide for its outstanding beer brewing industry. As of January 2019, San Diego is home to over 155 craft breweries, meaning that there are more places available than you can actually try if you visited two every weekend for a year. So, if your out-of-town guests are beer-drinkers, you know exactly what to do. 

Consider the award-winning Ballast Point Little Italy, less than two miles away from the Convention Center, to try their beers popularized all across the world. Or if you want to try someplace that is more unique and experimental, consider White Labs tasting room.


Host a Private Event

This may be the best option available to you. When you choose another venue to host your important guests, there are a variety of variables that could make your afternoon go awry. Instead, book a venue and plan an event for your people that you can control yourself. Especially if you have a particular purpose for the post-convention visit, having a designated plan and venue to go to will guarantee that your afternoon goes as planned.  


Consider a venue that is private and has a versatile space. You want to be able to customize your private event so that your guests feel totally comfortable and humbled that you booked it for them. Some event venues in Downtown San Diego are better than others, and there are few tell-tale signs of whether an event space is right for you. 


First things first, it must look the part. Your event can’t take place at some old and worn venue, it must new and elegant, ready to make your guests feel fully welcomed. Next, it is important that the venue is responsive and flexible with your personal needs. If you are going to be hosting your event there, it is important that they have a team that can correctly hold your event properly. Lastly, the location is key. Many places seem like a good location on paper, but actually lack proper parking, lodging accessibility, or even valet service. If your Downtown San Diego event venue has the three aforementioned features, look no further.



Flora is a brand new event venue based in Downtown San Diego near the Gaslamp district. This is a dynamic and versatile venue with the perfect design to give your event the luxurious theme it needs. If you are interested in hosting your next event here or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.