5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Rent an Event Space for an Engaging Corporate Event

Most full-time employees spend approximately 40 hours in or around their place of work. While your office may be modern and comfortable, a change of scenery can be invigorating and break up the humdrum of day to day work life. If you’re in the midst of planning your next company meeting, team building event, or party consider renting an event space. With the right venue, your unique corporate event will be memorable and well-received. Consider the following:


1. Improved Focus and Productivity

A typical office environment is often filled with countless distractions. From outdoor construction to loud next-door conference calls, an important meeting may not hold your employee’s attention at the office. Alternatively, destination meetings offer a more relaxed environment. And relaxation gives way for increased productivity. For example, a study showed that 63 percent of respondents found off-site meetings more productive than meetings held onsite. Additionally, employees may feel recharged after an off-site experience. This break from the office often results in better performance following the company event.


2. Access to a Range of Amenities

Your Keurig and vending machines may be suitable for an average day at the office, but some events call for special amenities. When you rent an event space you’re renting much more than a meeting room. Some spaces may have technology your office doesn’t to add something special to a presentation. Meanwhile, if you’re choosing an event space for a party or gala, the space will likely have a much more appealing aesthetic than an office. Many spaces have ballrooms, patios, and special areas like gardens. The space is also usually designed to make the inclusion of outside catering seamless.


3. A Comfortable Experience for All

Your office may have a nice atmosphere, but most are lacking in space. When it comes to larger events with lengthy guest lists you do not want your employees and other guests to feel cramped. An event venue ensures plenty of space for people to stretch their legs whether they’re participating in a meeting or enjoying a holiday party.


4. Impress Clients and Vendors


5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Rent an Event Space for an Engaging Corporate Event

Whether it be a product launch or a presentation, sometimes you need to go the extra mile to make an impression on clients and/or vendors. When you choose an offsite venue you have the ability to create an engaging corporate event like never before. Certain venues offer the ambiance you need to outdo competitors and create buzz around your company. You want to make sure you choose an event space that reflects your company’s reputation.


5. A Boost in Morale

Not only does an out of office excursion increase productivity, but it also increases smiles. Employees want to know they’re appreciated and renting an event space for a special day of team building or an office party shows you’re invested in them.


Choose Flora for Your Next Engaging Corporate Event

The unique space at Flora could be the perfect venue for your next corporate event. This versatile venue is incredibly flexible to meet your specific needs. Choosing a venue is a critical step in planning an engaging corporate event and Flora makes it seamless. Contact a knowledgeable representative with your booking inquiry today!


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