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9 Best Ways to Add Personal Touches to your Wedding

Although choosing your favorite flowers and color palettes is a great way to infuse personality into your wedding, many couples are getting creative with the customization process to personalize a wedding that feels truly unique to them. 

From the venue to the programs, subtle touches of personalization can take your wedding to the next level. Weddings are a celebration of two people coming together, so it’s important that your wedding design reflects your unique personalities and backgrounds.

Here are nine tried and true ways to personalize your wedding and create an event you and your loved ones will never forget. 

Couple incorporating a unique first look into their big day

1. Unique Venue & Location

The wedding venue you choose for your nuptials and reception is the biggest factor in setting the scene for an event that screams YOU! You’ll want to make sure your venue has versatile style options so that you have a customizable space where you can let your personalities shine. Choosing a venue in the city where you and your partner first met or a destination wedding in your favorite travel spot will make the event extra special.  

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2. Welcome Boxes 

Welcome boxes are a fantastic way to provide your guests with personalized gifts on your big day. Instead of just offering traditional items like snacks and beverages, try to include things that reflect your relationship, wedding theme, and the festivities to come. If you’re having a beach wedding, offer your guests sunglasses, mini sunscreen, and flip flops to be worn during the ceremony. Many pandemic weddings offer personalized masks and hand sanitizer to ensure the safety of their guests.

Welcome boxes are also great options for providing your out-of-town guests useful information like travel guides and itineraries. And don’t forget to customize the box itself! Sticking with your color theme and adding monogrammed initials, commissioned artwork, or a design consistent with your color palette is a nice opportunity to flex your creative muscles.  

Personalized welcome gift at a wedding

3. Personalized Programs

One of our favorite wedding trends that allows you to personalize your big day is custom programs. The design and information on your programs are a wonderful opportunity to share your love story with your guests before the nuptials even begin. Include a thank-you note to your guests, a tribute to departed loved, or even one of your favorite quotes or song lyrics that is meaningful to you and your partner. Keep the program’s design consistent with your overall color scheme to tie it in with the overall theme. 

Personalized wedding programs

4. Infuse Your Cultures

Another way to personalize your wedding is to ensure the ceremony reflects both of your beliefs and cultures. One excellent option is to wear customized attire that reflects your culture’s traditions. It’s been a joy to see how couples have chosen to infuse their culture into their outfits during weddings at Flora, from kilts to intricate sherwanis.

Jumping the broom, the breaking of the glass, and releasing doves are all cultural wedding traditions that many couples perform during their ceremony to pay homage to their family, religion, and background. Making time for cultural dances during is a great wedding reception idea to involve your guests from both sides of the family in your cultures. 

Couple wearing traditional Indian wedding clothes

5. Shoe Notes 

Some of the most memorable moments from your wedding day will come from the intimate moments shared between you and your partner. One of our favorite new personalized wedding trends is shoe notes! Each partner writes a little note on the bottom of their significant other’s wedding shoes, complete with your anniversary date, to create a memorable moment during the getting-ready session. You can even use a shadow box to display these notes forever instead of leaving your shoes in a box after the ceremony. 

In addition to shoe notes, another top customization choice is the wedding party’s outfits. Denim jackets with embroidery or paintings and customized clutches have become all the rage recently, while fresh floral hair accessories can further tie in your wedding decor into your ensemble. 

Custom wedding attire ideas
Wedding party wearing custom denim jackets

6. Include your pet

If you and your partner have a beloved pet that is part of your family, including them in the ceremony is a great way to personalize your wedding. Enlist your pup as a ring bearer or even as part of the wedding party. Choose a pet-friendly venue and dress your furry friend to the nines so he can make his debut down the aisle and accompany you at the alter. 

Couple with their dog at their wedding reception

7. Honor Late Loved Ones

A wonderful way to make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful is to honor your late loved ones and family members who are no longer with us. Some couples do this by having a table with photos at the ceremony or reception, while other couples choose a more subtle route like lighting a candle or releasing lanterns. You can also include your departed loved ones’ names in your programs or feature one of their favorite songs or passage as a thoughtful reading or interlude.

8. Advice from Loved Ones 

Gathering marriage advice from your loved ones who have celebrated many anniversaries is a great way to gain some wisdom on your big day. Place an advice box on a table during cocktail hour or during your reception where guests can leave little encouraging notes. You can also opt for voice messages by placing a tape recorder on the table instead. This is a meaningful addition to any wedding that will make for a great post-wedding moment with your partner.  

Personalized wedding signs

9. Signature Cocktails

Creating a signature cocktail that reflects your unique tastes and theme is a great way to personalize your reception. Work with your venue or caterer to develop a beautifully designed and tasty libation that will get the party started! 

Custom signature cocktails at a wedding

Lets Us Help Personalize Your Wedding

Personalizing your wedding can create some of the most special moments for newlyweds and guests on a wedding day. Choosing a wedding reception venue that can accommodate your guests and overall vision is crucial to pulling off a customized wedding that reflects you and your partner. 

Complete your special day with a glorious celebration hosted in Flora’s dynamic San Diego wedding reception venue. With a delectable selection of food and drinks and a night-long party full of dancing, you and your guests can celebrate all the joy that comes along with a great wedding. Get in touch with us to learn how our event team can help make your day unforgettable. 

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