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8 Steps in Planning the Perfect Family Reunion Party

Gathering your extended family members for a night of activities, bonding, and storytelling is one of the best ways to spend quality time together and keep your family close regardless of the geographical space that separates you. However, planning a huge event like this can be extremely stressful from choosing a date that works for…

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4 Fun Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Events

If you have a nonprofit company or work for one, you’re always looking for creative ways to raise money to help support your mission and goals. You can only send out so many donation request forms in the mail before your recipients start throwing them away. Great fundraising relies on fun, effective, well-planned nonprofit events…

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4 Best Occasions to Rent an Event Venue

When you’re hosting a party, an event venue can be a great way to ensure your gathering is remembered for years to come. From catering to equipment rental to extra space for accommodations, a venue makes your life easier when planning an event, so you can focus on hitting all the details perfectly. Here are…

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