How to Host a Baby Shower in San Diego

Hosting a baby shower is a great way to support and celebrate expectant parents in preparation for their little one’s arrival. Because of its  up and coming trendy communities, San Diego has a wide range of locations that can make for a spectacular baby shower venue and Flora is no exception. Whether you’re a close friend or relative, planning a shower can be a lot of work, so we’ve developed a guide to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of party planning. Follow these 8 steps to pull of the perfect baby shower party:


1. Pick a date and time

First and foremost, you need to nail down a date and time for the mother-to-be’s shower. Figure out a few dates that work for your guest of honor and then narrow it down to one based on things like baby shower venue availability and extended family members’ schedules. Typically, showers are held in the early- to mid-third trimester; however, this is not a hard and fast rule by any means and you should pick the date based on when mommy feels most comfortable and still has the energy (and patience) to entertain guests. 


2. Solidify the guest list 

After you’ve set a date for the shower it’s time to start getting into the details. First, you’ll need to get a full guest-list from the mother-to-be, including emails or addresses (we recommend organizing them in a spreadsheet).


3. Set a Budget

Once your guest list is finalized, you’ll need to set a budget. Baby showers can cost anywhere from $100-$1000 depending on the number of guests, venue, decorations, menu options, etc. If you have a smaller budget, you may want to consider limiting the guest list so that you can splurge on the baby shower venue and food, or you may want to scale back the pizzazz if your mommy-to-be is set on a big party. Either way, determining a guest list and budget early on will help you plan more efficiently. 


4. Select a venue 

The baby shower venue you select for your big day is arguably the most important part of executing a great party. Throwing a shower at home is ideal for those with smaller budgets who want a more intimate celebration. While hosting a shower from the comfort of someone’s home is cost-efficient it also comes with the hassle of supplying your own food, setting up the decorations and cleaning up after the event. Opting to host your baby shower at an event venue can alleviate all of these stresses for you and elevate your event all together. 


Here at Flora, our sleek and versatile venue has the capacity to host large groups and provide a number of amenities such as a premier sound system, projectors, security, catering services and a site manager to help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. The right venue can make a huge difference in your mother-to-be’s big day and we’re here to provide you with a memorable atmosphere for you and your guests. 


Flora, The Venue


5. Send out invitations 

Now that you’ve finalized your date, guest list, budget and venue, it’s time to send your invites out! The rule of thumb is that guests should receive their invites about six weeks before the shower. There are tons of invitation templates online and you can usually get them printed for about $1-$3 each. If you choose to go the digital route, you can send out evites through websites like Smilebox, Evite, or Greenvelope for free. Regardless of the delivery method you choose, make sure you give your guests ample time to request work off, RSVP, and get a gift before the shower. 


Bonus Tip: Make sure to include a link to the online registry on your invitations to take the guesswork out of gift shopping for your guests. 


6. Plan the menu and decorations

Planning the menu and decorations for the baby shower is where all the fun really begins. Selecting a theme for the shower will help make the entire party more cohesive and allow you to narrow down your food and decor choices.


Put in the orders for your decorations about 2-3 weeks in advance of the party, but hold off on picking up perishable decor such as flowers until the day of the event.


Choose your menu based on the guest of honor’s favorite foods, but be wary of putting her current cravings on the menu as they may change by the time the shower rolls around. Flora has a full-service kitchen and catering services to help take the weight of food prep off your shoulders on the day of the event. You can also serve your guests specialty mocktails to add to the theme and ambiance. 


Baby shower menu


7. Choose games to play

Games are a great way to keep your guests entertained during the shower and can leave the expecting parents with long-lasting memories. If you want to play games that will get your guests up and moving, consider doing a blindfolded diaper changing challenge, a baby bottle chugging contest or the infamous candy-bar diaper challenge.

If you’re looking for more laid back games that the entire party can participate in, try out baby photo guessing games, a onsie decorating activity, or questionnaires about the expecting mom. Check out these creative baby shower games for more fun ideas! 


8. Set an agenda 

Once you’ve established all the details of the shower you’ll need to set an agenda to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Most showers include eating, games, gift opening, and mingling. Organize your event around these activities in a manner that creates a good flow throughout the event and keeps your guests entertained.


Give your guests approximately 30 minutes to arrive before beginning your first activity. Having an advice box or guest book near the entrance is a great way to get your guests engaged right when they show up. Following an agenda will help you stay on track and fit everything that you want to into your event. 


Hosting a baby shower is a wonderful gesture to show your excitement for your loved ones. Although planning a shower can be a lot of work, with the right tools and a little extra organization, you can throw the shower of your mommy-to-be’s dreams. Flora is the premier event space for all of your milestone celebrations in the San Diego area and we’re here to help make your event come to life. Contact us today to inquire about booking your baby shower venue, today! 


Flora is the perfect venue for a baby shower