The 3 Most Effective Non-Profit Fundraising Events

If you’re hoping to raise money for your non-profit, you may be planning some special events to interest the community. When it comes to non-profit fundraising events, some do better than others. Here are three of the most effective types of events you can plan for your organization. 


Galas Non-Profit Fundraising Events

A gala event is one of the best options for non-profits to raise money at any time of the year. It takes a lot of work and organization to create a gala, but it’s well worth the effort. The key is to get local businesses to sponsor the event and include special features, such as silent or live auctions. 

One of the challenges is to find a non-profit event venue large enough to hold the number of people invited to the gala. You also need a catering service to provide food and drinks for the event. Even though it can take months of preparation for a gala, you’ll see the payoff in the donations received.


Art/Keynote Speaker Shows

Another way to raise money for a non-profit is to host an art show with a keynote speaker. Art shows may feature local artists, regional names or even donations from more renowned artists. The art can simply be on display or for sale, which can create interest from potential buyers. Artists are often willing to donate pieces to the non-profit for a chance to have their work seen by a larger audience. And your organization benefits by getting more people interested in your cause that may not otherwise have known about it.

Choose a keynote speaker who will be popular with your audience. One option is a local celebrity who often donates their time to worthwhile causes. You can also invite an expert who is relevant to the subject of the non-profit. They can speak on subjects that will appeal to the hearts of donors, which can increase the number of contributions. 



A raffle or auction is a fun way to raise money for non-profits, and it usually comes with good results. In fact, combining several types of raffles and auctions could result in an even more successful event. For instance, you can host a live auction with a silent auction set off to the side and have a raffle for a special grand prize. So many elements can get everyone involved in their own way. Reach out to local businesses for donated items or services to auction or raffle for your event. Having these local businesses involved shows that you’re involved in the community and creates more appeal to your cause.

It takes several months to plan one of these events because you must visit businesses and get commitments of donations. You also want to advertise the auction as much as possible to increase the interest. This is an event you can hold any time of the year, but it can be even more popular around special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and summer vacations. Choose festive items to give away, such as a trip for summer or jewelry for Mother’s Day. 

If you’re looking to host an effective non-profit fundraising event, these three types of events are tried and true in their effectiveness. Choosing one of these options along with a great local event venue will ensure you meet your fundraising goals so that your non-profit can thrive.