The Ultimate Checklist for Your Wedding Venue

Just got engaged? Congratulations! Inevitably, there’s a lot of decisions to be made about the big day, and the first of these is your wedding event space. When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, here are essential factors to consider to help your big day run smoothly. Check out our infographic below!

1. Location

When selecting a wedding venue, you want to consider the location. This includes thinking about nearby hotel accommodations and proximity to the airport if you’re expecting out of town guests. These will help smooth out the logistics for both you and your guests. Some couples even connect with a hotel to get a group rate nearby for large out-of-town families or groups of friends.

You should also think about your location in terms of how it will be the backdrop to your wedding. Both the venue’s style and location should match you and your fiance’s personality. Your location sets the mood and tone of your day before your guests even walk through the door of the venue.

The location is also the literal backdrop to every picture taken on your big day. Make sure it fits the style of the pictures you want to be captured for years to come.

2. Different Spaces for Different Use

When you’re looking for a venue, you don’t want just a wedding reception hall. There are many more pieces of the wedding event space that should help structure the flow of the day. For example, having spaces that can transition seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception to catering space to prepare for a cocktail hour and then to the cocktail hour itself is key to making your wedding run smoothly. If you want enough space for several uses (like a sit-down dinner and dance floor), ask your venue for layout options for each piece of the event.

3. Classic and Customizable

Consider getting a space that’s classic, but also customizable. We’ve all been to weddings in a stale hotel ballroom. Your wedding day deserves a beautifully designed place that can be customized to incorporate all the parts of your personalities that make your love story unique. Be sure to select a wedding venue with a classic style and avoid something that will look dated in a few years.

When you tour a venue, think about the staying power of the venue’s look and feel. A classically-styled wedding venue helps you infuse pieces of your personality into the big day, but keeps it looking timeless. And remember, architecturally beautiful spaces never go out of style.

4. Proper Support

Partner with a venue that’s not only responsive but works hard to make your wedding’s logistics run smoothly. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, but with a great staff behind you, you and your future spouse can rest assured that every detail of the day will run as planned.

Having inclusive packages and amenities, like catering services, decor, and sound equipment are a great way to make the entire planning process easier. When you’re touring venues, be sure to ask about these logistical pieces, as the amenities and services vary greatly among venues.

Flora the Venue

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