7 (Really) Fun Interactive Wedding Games To Plan With Your DJ

Blog, August 30, 2023

So, you’ve exchanged your vows, swapped rings, and sealed your nuptials with a much-awaited kiss. Your officiant pronounced you married in front of your nearest and dearest, and they cheered you on as you walked down the aisle in unity. Hooray! Now, onto the reception. Although your ceremony is all about declaring your love for one another, the next part is all about letting loose and having fun.

Most wedding receptions place a great emphasis on dancing, but there’s so much more you can do to keep your guests engaged and out of their seats. With some planning ahead, you can put together a lineup of games that’ll coax a smile out of the most serious family member on your guest list. Think: a scavenger hunt, a trivia quiz show, and a karaoke contest, just to name a few. Here, Flora’s wedding experts share their list of interactive wedding games that are anything but boring.

1. Freeze Dance

There’s a little bit – OK, a lot – of dancing still involved here, but hear us out. Freeze Dance is one of those games that allows everyone to break out of their comfort zone without feeling stressed out or nervous about performing well under pressure. The rules are simple enough for everyone – from the tots to the nanas – to understand. When the music starts, everyone starts grooving. When the music stops, everyone freezes in position. Your DJ can make this a little extra challenging by playing the music and stopping it quickly to trick your guests.

2. Bouquet Hot Potato

Instead of doing a traditional bouquet toss, how about making it a little more fun? Instruct your guests to pass along your bouquet when the music starts and pause when it stops. Think of it as musical chairs – with a twist. Whoever is stuck holding the bouquet is eliminated. Alternatively, flip the script and change up the rules completely: Instead of leaving the game, whoever is caught with the bouquet wins a prize (but shhhhh, don’t tell them until they’ve won). Watch as your guests scramble to pass the bouquet off to the next person – not realizing it’s what it takes to win the game!

3. Trivia Quiz Show

Teleport your guests to the set of Jeopardy! by organizing a trivia game show with your DJ. Perfect for friends and family who love testing their knowledge, this type of interactive activity can help break the ice and bring something new and unexpected to your wedding reception! You can go the traditional route by asking typical trivia questions or customize them to your group’s specific interests and hobbies. Most importantly, before you plan something like this, make sure your guests are the type of people who will actually participate.

4. Karaoke Contest

Another fun alternative (or addition) to a night of movin’ and groovin’, a karaoke contest is a good way to get your guests to let loose and laugh a little. Got family members or friends who work in music-related fields? Recruit them to be on the judging panel! Make sure to come up with several judging categories and awards so the winning factor doesn’t just hinge on singing ability – think: stage presence, song choice, audience response, dazzling attire, and more. Keep the contest itself light and laid-back; remember that you’re doing this for fun!

5. Money Dance

Also known as the dollar dance, the “money dance” has been around for quite some time, with many cultures having their own interpretation of the tradition. Yes, there’s dancing involved. And yes, money is a part of the activity, too! Used as a way to raise funds for the newlyweds’ honeymoon or new homeware, the money dance allows guests to dance with either celebrant by pinning money to their wedding attire. A word to the wise: If you’re planning on making the money dance a part of your reception, make sure to let your guests know beforehand so they have enough time to swing by the ATM. Alternatively, let them know that gift cards are also an option.

6. Anniversary Dance

Get your guests out of their seats by having your DJ call out all married couples to the dance floor. (Alternatively, make this activity more inclusive by not ruling out dating partners.) During the anniversary dance, all guests in relationships will get an opportunity to dance to a romantic song. Then, the DJ will ask partners of five years or less to leave the dance floor – then 10 years or less, then 15, and so on. Your DJ will keep going until there’s only one couple left dancing with the newly married couple – and they’ll be the ones with the longest relationship!

7. Scavenger Hunt

There are so many ways to host a scavenger hunt at your wedding. Here’s one of them: You can ask your guests to capture a set of predetermined wedding moments – a romantic kiss, the clink-clink of champagne flutes, a sweet dance. Leave a few instant cameras on every table for your guests to use. (Who doesn’t love Polaroid pictures?) Bonus points: Display these polaroids during your farewell wedding brunch the next day! Not only will this activity keep your guests engaged and tuned into every moment of your reception, but you’ll also end up with a number of fun photos to add to your wedding album.

At Flora’s venue in the heart of Downtown San Diego, you’ll find a versatile floor plan that can be customized to any wedding reception activity you’d like to plan. What’s more, Flora comes complete with a standout sound system, a projector and hide-able screen, microphones, and pin spotlights. Reach out to us here to plan a wedding reception your guests won’t soon forget!

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