5 Spring-Inspired Themes for Your Next Corporate Event

Blog, April 25, 2023

Spring is officially at our doorstep, bringing with it all sorts of thrilling possibilities. (Wildflowers! Longer days! Warmer weather!) Given these changes, it’s no wonder that this time of year is often called “the season of new beginnings.” For some, this may mean tackling a spring cleaning project. For others, it could translate to shaking things up at work with a spring-inspired event that’ll bring the team together and reignite their excitement. 

Looking to host your own springtime corporate event? Let us do the heavy-lifting. Tucked away in Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego, at Flora, we handle everything from decor and entertainment to food and beverages. Oh, and we’ll supply you with some out-of-the-box ideas to inspire your next event – like these five themes that celebrate the season’s arrival while fostering a strong sense of teamwork. 

1. Indoor Garden Brunch and Tea Party

Spring is the perfect time to gather around the table over a cup of steaming hot tea and an assortment of handheld nibbles. Brunch menu possibilities are endless: finger sandwiches, crumpets, bite-sized pastries and jam, charcuterie boards, barbeque sliders, deviled eggs, tacos, oh my! You can plan a sit-down brunch with your team or host a more laid-back, picnic-style affair – complete with the quintessential red-and-white checkered tablecloth, of course. 

When it comes to decor, blossom season calls for greenery. Luckily, Flora is already dressed to the nines with botanicals. Think: a 70-foot-long living wall, hanging garden chandeliers, and an array of lush plants. Not to mention, soaring skylights welcome in ample sunlight. To amp up the “spring-ness” of it all, tap into the season’s colors by infusing yellows, oranges, light greens, and whites into your decor palette. Better yet: Let a balloon artist create a custom spring-colored balloon arch for your event – a showstopper your team won’t forget.

2. Floral Arrangement or Succulent Workshop

Is there a season more synonymous with florals than spring? Tap into the season’s best qualities – read: blossoming blooms – and host your shindig around this central theme. Connect with a local florist and bring them in for a guided workshop on how to make an assortment of flowers sing in a vase. Alternatively, teach your team how to put together something they’ll love to take home – like a terrarium. These aquarium-like, miniature gardens full of itty-bitty cactuses and succulents don’t need too much care and are fairly easy to maintain. 

The decor is a no-brainer here; Flora’s space is brimming with all sorts of cascading vines, gleaming fiddle-leaf fig plants, and indoor trees. What’s more, the catering team can dream up treats that perfectly complement (if not exactly match!) the theme. Take, for example, these Instagram-worthy cupcakes, made to look like succulents – thanks to the team’s brilliant decorating chops.

3. Birdhouse and Bird Feeder Making Workshop

It’s this time of year that birds come out of their overwintering sites and fly out into the world. So, offer your team a workshop that’s equal parts rewarding and actually useful – a DIY birdhouse or bird-feeder project. Birdhouses offer a cozy shelter for birds, and in doing so, they help keep pests, weeds, and stress (all that beautiful chirping!) at bay in your backyard. Hummingbirds, for example, will also pollinate the surrounding plants. Win-win-win. 

Turn the workshop into an ode to winged creatures through food (Themed cupcakes! Toasted coconut and robin eggs! Bird cake pops!) drinks, and decorations. From whimsical, woodland-like garlands and distressed bird cages to blossom-season-inspired tablescapes, there are so many options – especially when you pick a turnkey venue like Flora. 

4. Easter/Springtime Egg Decorating Party

Round up your team and bring them together for this egg-cellent springtime tradition: An egg decorating party. Food-safe markers and coloring, and rubber stamps are the essentials, but there are so many other props and tools you can bring to the table. For example, if you’re hosting a treasure or egg hunt, stuff them with items grown-ups will enjoy, like a gift card to a local coffee shop, gourmet candies, or even boozy gummies (rose-all-day bears, anyone?) 

With all the decorating and treasure-hunting shenanigans, you’re going to need some sustenance. Put a grown-up spin on the afternoon with a lineup of signature spring-inspired cocktails and a menu that riffs on Easter brunch staples. Think: Eggs en Cocotte, bacon-wrapped asparagus, carrot-cake dip, etc. One word: Yum!

5. Springtime Yoga Flow and Meditation Session

A lot of springtime traditions revolve around celebration and gratitude, so it’s not that big of a, erm, stretch to think your team would enjoy an hour or so of low-impact, rejuvenating yoga. Partner with a local instructor, and bring them in for a relaxing vinyasa flow, followed by a meditation session. Not only is this a great exercise for the body, yoga and meditation are also known to improve mental function, increase mindfulness, and keep stress at bay.

Flora’s space is open, calm and airy, and it can comfortably accommodate multiple yoga mats. A state-of-the-art sound system will help your attendees better sink into their practice, and a projector and mic will ensure everyone can see and hear the yoga instructor clearly. After you come out of your savasana, gather around for some post-workout coconut water and locally made fruit smoothies to replenish your body and mind. So, whether you decide to roll out a mat or a picnic blanket, Flora is here to bring your springtime vision to life.

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